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Profile: Matthew Richter

Matthew Richter

   " I know and love the prairie. I live in the best of all places. . .
 My preference is for wilderness and places which show the least manipulation by the human species. . .[I am inspired by] t
he contemplative moment when all the pressures of civilized life fall away and I am absorbed by a place or a mood where I am aware of the essence of and significance of being alive in a deeply moving way."

Oil Painting by Matthew Richter
Evening Descends on the Tallgrass               36 x 48"               Oil

   Matthew Richter has immersed himself in the flora and fauna of the Midwest prairie landscape. Although he has traveled and painted across the United States and in Europe, his focus returns to the beauties of the plains. He has studied the native plants and grasses of the Flint Hills of Kansas and the migrating birds of the Cheyenne Bottoms. He painted, by invitation, the reintroduction of bison to the National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. His work is inspired by the effects of wind and water on the native flowers and grasses. Richter has exhibited his work both regionally and nationally and has won numerous awards. His home and studio are in McPherson, Kansas.

Oil Painting by Matthew Richter
Sawtooth Sunflowers, Cottonwood River          22 x 28"          Oil

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